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Hair Pro enables you to apply different hair styles to a person's photo

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The time and money we spend on finding trustworthy hair dressers could probably be saved had we got to choose our own make-up and hair style beforehand. "Hair Pro" application is intended exactly for this purpose. All you have to do is capture your photo using your connected web camera, or choose it from any location on your hard disk, and then you may start to apply any of the several thousands of offered hair styles categorized for short, medium, and long hair. The program enables you to modify any of the standard styles using a cutting tool, which may help you to fit the style to yourself even more. If you don't like your hair color, you can pick and try different colors from the color panel. There's even an automatic hair style displayer, which will automatically apply to you all the available hair styles one by one, so you can quickly find out the most fitting style.

One more useful option in the program is trying full make-up styles, so you can try respective colors directly from stores. You can even create your own gallery of styles, for different occasions.

This program may also be useful for salon owners, as it will enable them to show their clients how a particular hair style would look on them.

Marian Zaky
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  • Compatible with Windows Seven and XP


  • Not compatible with Windows Vista
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